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November 16, 2010
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Critique by Defend-TheCookie Nov 16, 2010, 8:05:04 PM
Wow. A picture on DA with an actual existence of Composition! Where has this artist been hiding?

First off- The Background...
... In many cases, the artist does not work as hard on the background than they would on the focal point of the image. Many artists claim to be bad at backgrounds, and some even admit despising the "background concept" altogether.
The background on this image is exceptionally remarkable. When L say "Composition", L mean that this image has my eyes looking everywhere. There is no dull spot in this image where my eyes would get distracted or bored. Everything is naturally flowing, everything fits together excellently, and nothing looks stale, repeated, or bland. The fact that this artist has "Composition" in this image is remarkable. These days, fewer and fewer artists choose to keep Composition in their works. In fact, many do not even know how Composition could fit in an artwork. These days, it is only Commercial Art, which is starved of Composition, a key part to an exceptional image. Awesome job for having noticeable Composition in this work!
It has been quite some time since last L've seen a background with some "Meat" packed into it. Many artists just throw us the bone and hope that we don't care about the background. This artist successfully adds depth, feeling, luster, and life into this dark background. The artist made awesome usage of colors and tones for the different "Layers" and "Dimensions" of this very much alive background.
Who would've thought that trees could be this cartoonishly cute and believable at the same time? L feel as if L could grab a leaf and sniff it right now.
Not to mention the clouds in the sky. L have yet to run into a work that does clouds like this in a NIGHT scene. Breathtaking. Truly impressive. The moon in itself (as to whether or not the artist intended it) resembles the bright and warm sun that rises above us during the day. It is not given the generic gloominess of the cold or the night. Instead, it represents itself as warm and welcoming; It appears as a moon that doesn't smile at us with a yellow grin, but rather as a calming and almost cute fuzz in the clear night sky. L LOVE this sky.

Secondly-- The Focal Point
In this case, the focus is this female character holding a shovel and appearing before us dirty and bloody(?). Although this girl does not strike me as extremely amazing in her own sense, she definitely stands out as an extremely original character. L would like to see more of this. The artist did make this character similar in design to other artists, but this is to be expected. We have all yet to see someone draw a character in a completely new manner. However, this artist certainly has their own unique way of drawing a character such as this. It's plain and easy to spot, of course.
L love this girl, though. She has a real cute outfit on, plus, she has a facial expression to die for. Sweet, lovely character design. The hearts(shapes?) on her (leggings) easily add to the character and overall concept of the girl. Yet, at the same time, the shovel seems to allow us to hesitate in approaching her. Lovable, yet scary at the same time.
L like the glittering in the girl's eyes. It definitely adds to the depth and liveliness of the character and the character's design. This is an awesome attribute that the artist has. L'm just waiting for the girl to blink at me! It's like she's breathing!

Overall--- Very original. Very very original. Love the depth and work put into the background; That is an area in which some artists choose not to explore. Thank you for stepping up, raising your head, and saying: "Background, GOSH DARN IT!!!"
Just marvelous. L can't stress enough how awesome the background is.
Everything else is also very nice. We can see the creativity and originality in this image.

That's all, folks...
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You're welcome. ^w^
Chimaerok Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not writing an actual dA critique cause I'd probably embarrass myself with terrible wording, but here's my two life points. c: Hopefully I don't fuck up and make you feel bad, cause this is really good. ouo

I think her expression was done very well, as well as the background and lighting. She definitely looks like she just killed someone, and is terrified about what to do next. One thing though is that the moon looks a little bright, and the clouds are a little bit bright for a night scene.
The background is great though, I personally can't do them to save my life but it looks like you have a good idea of how middleground and foreground and such work. The shading on her hair is really good, too.
Oh gosh, no you wouldn't embarrass yourself at all, lol.

The point you brought up on the clouds and moon being to bright is very valid, BUUUUUT as I said this is the first piece I have ever drawn where it's a night time scene.

But thanks, and I heard I got rick rolled in the cafe line.
Chimaerok Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I didn't hear it so I must have gotten there just as the song was ending, but I heard you say it. xD
Mischikun Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol! you're art is cool :) very nice
Thank you :3!~
Mischikun Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your welcome! :)
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